I will help find meaningful ways to acknowledge and publicize Penn State's long tradition of academic and athletic success, including the contributions of the Paterno family.


I will insist that the board re-examine the events surrounding the Sandusky scandal – including factors inside and outside of Penn State. We will develop a clear and honest understanding of these events that can be used to prevent child predators from harming children, at Penn State and elsewhere.


I will leverage my extensive experience as a professor and as a school board member to promote board reform that relies on the best practices of educational governance. This includes shifting the culture of the board toward a collaborative, inclusive, and transparent style of decision-making.

I will also play a leading role in visionary planning. This planning is essential in order to position Penn State to thrive in the future despite the daunting challenges of decreased state funding, rising tuitions, and declining numbers of college-age students in Pennsylvania.


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Classroom perspective
Although Pennsylvania State University's core mission is education, its board of trustees includes no active faculty, and none of the trustees has been a professor since 1981 - an era where chalkboards were the main instructional technology ("For dear old State's students," March 30). One candidate in this month's board election, Alice Pope, has been a psychology professor for 25 years, and in addition has been actively pursuing reform of the Penn State board. Recently, she was lauded by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, which noted that Pope is a central player in "a growing movement of alumni who wish to put students back at the center of education."
David J. Ketchen Jr., Opelika, AL, Philadelphia Inquirer, April 6, 2014.

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